Artist Statement

The lessons many fairy tales and stories teach are timeless and can express so much about the universal human condition. I paint the human figure to illustrate the metaphors that these tales represent. Although stories end after a few pages or chapters our lives do not.These allegories teach that even if a chapter of our lives ends in disappointment we have many future chapters to get things right. Defeat is not always a catastrophe and through the vehicle of storytelling I have learned that failure teaches us more than success ever can. We can take the lessons of these tales and right our wrongs. I believe we can identify so strongly with the figures in these tales because we can see aspects of ourselves within the hero or heroine who must prevail through several adversities - figuratively or literally. We may take some stumbles and missteps but we want to believe that if our hearts are in the right place and if we really try in the end we will all find the thing we want most. In painting these figures I hope to remind viewers not to become disheartened by the obstacles they experience in their lives. It's never too late to start over, to find our paths, and to learn from our mistakes.


Ryan Pack is a painter who creates figurative works. She was born and raised in Tulsa, OK and she attended The University of Oklahoma where she received her BFA in Painting. Since then, she has shown throughout the state of Oklahoma in such galleries as Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery, Tulsa Artists Coalition Gallery, Holliman Gallery at Holland Hall, and Current Studio. When she is not painting, she regularly volunteers and promotes art for organizations in Oklahoma arts such as the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.  She is excited to be a part of the Oklahoma area art community where she now lives and works.